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22 Oct

Topogun Crashing Constantly? Here’s The Fix

In Tips by John Draisey / October 22, 2015 / 2 Comments

While doing retopology on my friend Christina’s model of Carnage (Spiderman), I ran into an issue where Topogun was crashing every time I created a new vertex. Without fail. If this is happening to you, here’s the solution to this common glitch.

1) Make a copy of your .TGS file and open it in a text editor program such as ATOM.

2) Once you have it open, you’ll notice the structure is similar to HTML, with open and close tags. Delete all of the faces, which is every line of data between < faces > and < /faces >. Do NOT delete the actual < faces > and < /faces > tags!

3) Save the file, make sure it is still a .TGS extension on the file name.

4) Open the file in Topogun.

5) The faces are now missing, but the vertices and edges are still there. No worries. It’s the faces that were causing your crashes in the first place.

6) Enable “Backfaces Selection”.

7) Lasso select your entire model.

8) Go to Modify -> Force Refresh. This will redraw the faces from scratch and you can now draw new geometry without Topogun crashing…until the next time it happens.

Thanks for reading and save often!

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