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06 Jan

Solid Angle Sci-Tech Award

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The team at Solid Angle received a much deserved scientific and engineering award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. For anyone that hasn’t tried Arnold yet, give it a shot. It’s well worth the money! Just check out this quote from the Academy:

To Marcos Fajardo for the creative vision and original implementation of the Arnold Renderer, and to Chris Kulla, Alan King, Thiago Ize and Clifford Stein for their highly optimized geometry engine and novel ray-tracing algorithms which unify the rendering of curves, surfaces, volumetrics and subsurface scattering as developed at Sony Pictures Imageworks and Solid Angle SL.

05 Jan

ZOIC – Arnold Camera Shader

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Zeno Pelgrims has managed to create a physically accurate Arnold Camera Shader that simulates the multiple layers of glass and their effect on lens bokeh and vignetting. It’s only $10 and is getting me much better results than Nuke’s Zdepth node for those really tight macro shots. Yeah, the AA samples required is pretty high, but it’s a smart solution for special cases.

Check out his website for more information on how ZOIC works and how to purchase the lens shader.