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07 Aug

Saturday Sizzle

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Since I’m making a big batch of Thai Pad See Ew, I found a quick tutorial on how to throw this awesome dish together.

Results to be posted later!

05 Aug

Learning Houdini

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So Houdini is blowing my mind. After taking a few training courses at Siggraph 2016, I’m starting to get the hang of how volumes work, as well as the OpenVBD workflow so I can render volume sequences in Maya and Arnold. Here’s two render tests so far. The tough part is adjusting the VolumeCollection node in Maya to get the right look, but like anything it just takes practice.

And a bit of warning, I had to use a volume ray depth of 12 on the clouds. And based off the technical talk on The Good Dinosaur, I may need to go as high as 15. *gulp*

Clouds WIP 01